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5 November
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It's been awhile since I updated this.

22 years old, living in Montreal. Spent my formative years in a small "city" in Northern Canada, mostly under the radar. I've been good at many things, great at only few.

I work as an Editor/Investment Forecaster/Graphic Design/Events Planner (small company, lots of money exchanging hands) during the day, reverting to the "quiet, but well-respected individual" at night, pondering sports statistics and the finer ways of anglophilia.

I run an Esthero website. Experimented with drugs. Living a vegetarian lifestyle. Still a supporter of a rock [n] roll revolution. A reader of both Marx and Smith (currently reading Jared Diamond's 'Collapse' and Jose Saramago's 'The Cave'). Leaning heavily to the left, at least compared to the modern world.

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